The Wiener Library

For the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide

Wiener Library Publications

Since the Wiener Library was founded at the end of 1933, it has published several serials including Nazis at War (1940-45), Jewish News (1942-45) and The Wiener Library Bulletin (1946-81). 

Nazis at War

Materials on Germany designed to aid the study of men, affairs and trends

Published approximately every two weeks, the first issue of Nazis at War came out in October 1940 and the last issue appeared in April 1945. It consisted of carefully selected extracts of writings by Nazis and Nazi organisations as well as newspapers and professional journals, without further comment or editorial content.

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Jewish News

A bulletin issued periodically from the Jewish Central Information Office

Published approximately fortnightly the first issue of Jewish News came out in January 1942 and the last one was published in September 1945. Its purpose was to “make accessible to the Jewish public such information of mainly Jewish interest as was not otherwise published in the Jewish press.”

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The Wiener Library Bulletin

With the first issue of the The Wiener Library Bulletin, published in November 1946, the Wiener Library launched itself as a research institute open to the wider public. Until 1966, C.C. Aronsfeld edited the Bulletin, followed by Ernest Hearst and Robert Wistrich. The serial covered a wide array of topics, from the war crime trials and the reconstruction of Germany to the resurgence of extreme groups, as well as racism in Europe and the development of Holocaust historiography. It was reorganised in 1965 and the so-called New Series contained much longer articles.

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