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The Rose Henriques Archive

The Nazi persecution of Germany's and Europe's Jews aroused the interest and compassion of Rose Henriques at an early stage. In 1943 she found an opportunity to become actively involved in planning for the end of the war by joining the Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad (JCRA).

The JCRA had as one of its chief goals the establishment of the JRU – an active service unit for carrying out welfare work among the surviving remnant of European Jewry in Germany. The 80 boxes of material which document the activities of this unit are now accessible digitally and on microfilm in the Wolfson Reading Room.

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JRU badge

Badge worn by JRU workers on their uniforms in the 1940's

Image WL6733

JRU workers loading their trucks outside CBF HQ, London Bloomsbury in 1945

JRU workers loading their trucks before leaving for Germany outside CBF HQ, London Bloomsbury, 8 April 1945

Image WL6974

Belsen camp police vehicle

Handing over ceremony of a truck to the JRU camp police in Belsen Displaced Persons camp ca 1947

Image WL1963

JRU worker comforting a child at Bergen-Hohne DP camp ca. 1947

Pearl Rosenblum, JRU worker and welfare officer at Glyn Hughes Hospital, Bergen-Hohne camp, with Jonas Kwyat, a child survivor suffering from Tuberculosis, ca 1947

Image WL1990