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School classroom with students and teacher in the Eschwege Displaced Persons Camp, Germany, c. 1946-48

School classroom with students and teacher in the Eschwege Displaced Persons Camp, Germany, c. 1946-48

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The Wiener Library is Britain's largest and most extensive library and archive on the Holocaust and Nazi era. Its unique collections are freely accessible, and provide an unrivalled resource for teaching about the Holocaust, its causes and legacies.

Class Visits

If you are a teacher or educator, we would be delighted to help you organise a visit for your class. The Library's original collections relate to several key parts of the national curriculum for history, including the rise of Nazism in Germany, propaganda, antisemitism and war crimes. Other curriculum subjects, for which the Library can tailor visits to your requirements, include religious studies, politics, German studies, citizenship, and art. Some examples of the treasures within our collections include anti-Nazi pamphlets disguised in ingenious ways, children's handwriting books, official translations of the transcripts of the Nuremberg trials, personal testimonies from the November Pogrom and much more.

To discuss your workshop, please email the Learning team at or call 020 7637 7247 at least a month in advance of your planned visit.

We are able to offer tailored workshops on the following subjects:

  • Propaganda and Genocide
  • The Jewish Refugee Experience
  • Resistance and Rescue

To find out more about these workshops, please read more by downloading the PDF outline below:

Schools Workshops

Teacher Visits

If you would like to organise a visit for your department to see the Library's resources, please contact the Learning team at or call 020 7636 7247 at least a month in advance of your planned visit.

Key Stage 5 Extended Projects

The Wiener Library has a worldwide reputation for supporting original research into the Holocaust and genocide. The Library's vast and rich collection of primary material serves as an invaluable basis for independent research projects, including Key Stage 5 Extended Projects.

The Library is currently engaged in developing resources for students interested in doing Extended Projects at The Wiener Library, and for teachers who hope to facilitate them.
For more information, please email the Learning team at or call 020 7636 7247.

Higher and Further Education

We regularly work with universities and other Higher Education institutions across the country to help enrich the experience of undergraduate and postgraduate study. If you are running a course and are interested in organising a Wiener Library workshop for your class, or if you would like to include a tour of the Library in your introductory or summer programming, please email the Learning team at

The Wiener Library's workshops are ideally suited to supporting learning that goes above and beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum.