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German soldiers taking pictures of the Lvov pogrom of Summer 1941

German soldiers taking pictures during the Lvov pogrom of 30 June to 3 July 1941

Image WL5255

The Wiener Library has a collection of 45,000 images of the Holocaust and related subjects originating from private and institutional collections.  They form a valuable resource for historians, researchers and educators and are regularly used by the media, publishers and film producers.

The collection covers:

  • Jewish culture and everyday life in Germany and Europe before the Holocaust
  • Refugees and emigration including the Kindertransport
  • The Holocaust in Germany and in German-occupied Europe
  • Antisemitism, discrimination and persecution of Jews before and after 1933.

In addition, we hold images relating to:

  • The Weimar Republic 1918-1933 and the rise of the Nazi movement
  • Politics, economy, and culture in Nazi Germany
  • The Nazi party, SA and SS
  • Resistance against Nazi rule
  • The post-war trials of Nazi war criminals
  • Jews in the post-war World
  • Jewish cemeteries and synagogues in Germany and Europe
  • Monuments and memorials commemorating the Holocaust all over Europe.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the collection is still growing. If you have images that you wish to donate, please see our section on Building the Collection.

How to Search and Request Photographs
In order to preserve our original prints and allow for greater access to our photo collection, we are in the process of digitising our photographs.  You can access a growing selection of images through our online catalogue by entering a term into the search field above and selecting ‘Photographs' from the drop-down menu. The search results will display relevant images. If you wish to request any images please contact our Photo Archivist, Bianca Bailey, by email at

Please include the following in your email request:

  • The photo ID (found at the bottom of the catalogue record, eg. WL2231)
  • The intended use of the selected image(s)
  • Your postal address
  • Your phone number

Please note that only a small selection of our images are currently searchable online.  If you wish to search the full collection please contact our Photo Archivist, Bianca Bailey, by email at

Special Collections

The Library has a number of unique photograph collections, including:

Jewish Relief in Post-war Europe
The Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad established the Jewish Relief Unit (JRU) – an active service unit for carrying out welfare work among the surviving remnant of European Jewry in Germany. 

Read more about Jewish Relief in Post-war Europe

The Ludwig Neumann Collection
This is part of an exemplary collection of documents (see Document Collection 1023) and photographs of a Jewish family who were forced to leave Germany in the 1930s.  Ludwig Neumann was born in 1896. Having served during World War I, he became the sole owner of the company Neumann and Mendel in 1923 after the death of his father.

Read more about The Ludwig Neumann Collection

The Motorcycle Album
The Motorcycle Album is a rare example of pictures originally created by the Jewish Central Information Office which later became The Wiener Library. It is a small but distinct collection and it allows us an insight into the campaigning work of Dr Wiener and his colleagues in Amsterdam.

Read more about The Motorcycle Album

Portrait Collection 
Photographs of eminent and infamous individuals of twentieth century European history, including a large collection of German military personnel. The collection includes portraits of high-profile individuals across politics, culture and Judaism as well as rescuers and survivors of the Holocaust.

Read more about our Portrait Collection

Fees, Formats and Reproduction Rights

Copies of our pictures can be supplied as digital images by email or on CD-ROM. Supply of images by email or on disc is charged at £5 per image.  Our general service fee if pictures are used commercially is £45 per order.

Some parts of our collection are in the public domain and therefore no fees for reproduction rights for these images are charged. For the licence to reproduce pictures for which The Wiener Library holds the copyright we make a charge, depending on the use - in books, newspapers and journals, film and TV, exhibitions, or on websites.

The permission for non-commercial reproduction of pictures copyrighted by The Wiener Library is granted free of charge.

For more information on fees consult our pdf:

Photograph Fees

Terms & Conditions of Use

All pictures are supplied on condition that they may not be used or altered in a way that would trivialise, sensationalise or demean the subject portrayed. They may not be altered without the prior written consent of the Library.

On publication of works featuring images from our collection The Wiener Library is to be credited. Also on publication or broadcast the Library must be provided with one complimentary copy of the work featuring our pictures.

To learn about reproduction rights consult our Terms & Condition of Business pdf

Terms and Conditions