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Document Collections

The Wiener Library holds 2,000 document collections on the Nazi era, the Holocaust and related subjects.  It includes the UK's largest archive of personal papers relating to Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe and continues to grow with more collections added every year.

Alongside personal and family papers, the Library also holds significant collections relating to the rescue and rehabilitation of Jews in Europe, pre-war antisemitism and the racial and political persecution of victims of Nazism.  For information on our Collections Policy please see below.

Descriptions for all catalogued collections can be searched above.  Documents can be consulted in The Wolfson Reading Room at the Library, or through our document delivery service.  For more information, see ‘Using the Library'.

If you have documents or papers which you think may be of interest to the Library, see how you can 'Help Build the Collection'.

Wiener Library Archive Collections Development Statement

Special Collections

Within the archive we have a number of unique document collections which are of particular interest to researchers.

Centralverein: Association of German Citizens of Jewish Faith Archive

The Centralverein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens was the largest and most significant Jewish representative organisation in Germany before World War II.  The founder of the Library, Dr Alfred Wiener, was a senior official of the organisation from 1919 to 1933.  The Library holds the organisational archive on microfilm.

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The Rose Henriques Archive

The Rose Henriques Archive comprises the working papers of Rose Henriques from 1945 to 1950, when she served as head of the Germany Section of the Jewish Committee for Relief Abroad (JCRA) and led one of the Jewish Relief Units (JRU) into the former concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

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The Fokschaner Family of Czernowitz

This collection is a rare extant reminder of a once thriving Jewish community in the Ukraine, formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now long since dispersed.  Like many of our collections of family papers, it illustrates on a personal level the wider historical and political developments of the time.

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The Kitchener Camp for Refugees

Amongst our numerous collections of papers relating to the fate of refugees from the Nazis is this collection documenting the experiences of the residents of a Jewish refugee camp in Kent.

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The Philipp Manes Collection

This collection reveals the cultural and artistic endeavours of those interned in the Theresienstadt ghetto through the writings of Philipp Manes.

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