The Wiener Library

For the Study of the Holocaust & Genocide

The 14th Room: A Video Installation by Barbara Greisman

Greisman spent years working on the piece, scouring through documents, diaries and German Primers for images and written fragments.  At the launch, Greisman spoke about what she hoped to achieve:

"Digital Art has a way of getting people on board.  It engages.  It's easy to understand and has many possibilties.  It's acceptable to anyone who wouldn't normally dream of walking into a place like The Wiener Library, let alone doing some research.

"I'm hoping this is just the start of something much bigger. In the future this monitor will show other cutting edge artists whose work addresses what the library is all about.  I hope that these digital exhibitions will also travel - thereby promoting the Wiener to audiences worldwide.”

Greisman's work is available to view in the Wolfson Reading Room at the Library.