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Mirjam Finkelstein, 1933-2017

Mirjam Finkelstein in 2007

Everyone at the Wiener Library is saddened at the news that Mirjam Finkelstein has died. As the daughter of our founder, Mirjam was revered and cherished by us all. That said, the personal qualities of warmth, kindness, intelligence, wit and wisdom which she possessed in such abundance made her revered wherever she was known.

We will miss her presence at our events and in our lives. But the knowledge that she felt pride in how the Library has developed and that she believed that Dr Wiener would have approved gives us strength and inspiration.

Our condolences go out to Tamara, Anthony and Daniel, Mirjam's children. We hope that the Library will always provide them with the consolation of embodying what she and her father (and her late husband Ludwik) believed in so passionately.

Added: Monday 30th January, 2017