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'Operation Anthropoid: Britain, Heydrich and the Holocaust'

Reinhard Heydrich

No central group in the National Socialist regime pursued the murder of Europe's Jews more actively than the men who served directly under Reinhard Heydrich. Yet it is still not widely known that the military operation to assassinate Heydrich was planned in London with the support of the British government and carried out by two Czech soldiers-in-exile.

The death of Heydrich was met with savage reprisals from the Nazi regime, including the annihilation of the village of Lidice under Hitler's orders. The Wiener Library's temporary exhibition, open Monday 26 March to Wednesday 13 June 2012, brings to light the terrifying series of events surrounding the 1942 mission codenamed ‘Operation Anthropoid', and unravels its connections with the escalation of genocide in occupied Europe.

Added: Monday 26th March, 2012