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Julius Weiermann



Julius, Marie, Josef Weiermann, Karl and Selma Kupfer

Julius, Marie, Josef Weiermann, Karl and Selma Kupfer

Julius Weiermann
born 28 November 1892
died 25 November 1941

Information Known Today

Julius Weiermann was born in Burgkunstadt, Bavaria, on 28th November 1892, son of Josef and Marie Weiermann. It appears that he moved to Munich with his parents, but nothing else is known about his life there. He was deported to Kaunas, Lithuania, on 20th November 1941 and is believed to have died there on 25th November 1941, although there is an unverified report that he was seen near Minsk about a year later.

About the Donor

A legacy from Karl and Selma’s son Erich has been used to endow this plaque and those for Erich’s grandparents Josef and Marie Weiermann and for his uncle Julius Weiermann.



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